The Selcouth Comics Archive

Chapter 00: King

The road towards a fateful encounter that will change the fate of all flesh begins here.

Chapter 01: Witness To A Dream

Meet Darshana Samyata and begin your journey with the first chapter of Apeiron.

Chapter 02: The Darshana Samyata Experience

Ten years later, Darshana struggles to find her place in a difficult world.

Chapter 03: Corpse Flower (Part 1)

After the unthinkable occurs, Darshana begins to discover a horrifying truth about her reality.

Chapter 04 : Corpse Flower (Part 2)

Darshana, trapped in the world of the dead, confronts a being of terrible power as she begins to learn the truth behind the disappearance of her father.

Chapter 05 : The Pale Gates

Having been returned to the world of the living, Darshana begins the next stage of her journey with new eyes.

Chapter 06 : Parabola

While searching for her mother, Darshana becomes embroiled in a conflict that leads her to the very heart of Jassara; revealing secrets that will shatter her world forever.

Chapter 07: Introitus Traversal

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The Tale of Timotep

Timotep failed Qualia one too many times and paid the ultimate price. Newly reborn, this pitiful creature finds himself facing a new destiny.


Collected here is a continuing series of short stories that are sure to twist the mind of even the most seasoned reader…


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