In the far future, a girl searches for the truth behind her parents’ disappearance and finds herself in the middle of a grand struggle that will decide humanity’s ultimate fate. As she travels through different lands and worlds, among the the myriad of beings Darshana will encounter are: God-beings who can shape flesh, Demons of the wind who can grant power to those they deem worthy, and humans who viciously fight against a world which has surpassed them.

Apeiron is an epic tale that endeavors to become the strongest psychedelic fantasy comic either online or in print!

A new page of the story will be uploaded every Tuesday.

Warning! Apeiron contains scary stuff, bad language, and graphic violence.

Production Note:

I began drawing the first chapter of Apeiron in the spring of 2013. Due to various life events and my own slow pace of working, it took about two years to bring the series to a point where I felt it was strong enough to begin publishing it online. Although I feel the first chapter is very rough and unfocused in comparison to later chapters, I resisted the temptation of redrawing it entirely. I felt that I was running the risk of never telling the story at all if I kept going back to change stuff I didn’t like in the beginning. I hope that you will forgive the unpolished nature of the early pages. As the story goes on, I will endeavor to make each chapter more exciting and terrifying than the last.

This series has been many years in the making for me and I am very excited that you may choose to take this journey with me.

Apeiron is drawn and written by Julian Staton.